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Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What exactly is an ESN?

ESN is an acronym for Electronic Serial Number. It’s basically a unique identifier for a mobile device and no two devices will ever have the same ESN. ESN numbers come in several formats, including an IMEI and MEID. To find out your own ESN number, check it on Mobile-Base’s FREE ESN Checking Service (LINK NEEDED). It’s important to have your ESN / IMEI / MEID number to hand as it forms part of Mobile-Base’s verification process every time you wish to create a listing.

What am I allowed to say about my listing?

Whenever you comment on a listing it must be relevant to the product you wish to buy or sell.

Please do not waste your valuable time and that of others by commenting on items you do not intend to purchase or have no business selling.

Comments that are NOT permitted:

  • We don’t tolerate any swearing cursing, name calling, or personal comments
  • We don’t allow references to other competitor listings (e.g. Craigslist, Swappa, Amazon, eBay, Gumtree etc.)
  • Do not request a Seller to ship to an unconfirmed address or overseas shipper when a PayPal address is required by that listing
  • No "Spamming" and no multiple comments on any one listing is permissible
  • Never include personal contact information on a listing for off-site dealings
  • No reference to "Price police" or items being too costly. Don’t like the price? Move on
  • No off topic comments that do not address the subject matter at hand.
  • Remember, Mobile-Base is a business oriented site where Buyers meet Sellers. It is NOT a dating site, a forum or a chat line. Inappropriate, off topic comments will be deleted by Mobile-Base staff and repeat incidents can result in being banned.
Can I sell any device in any condition on Mobile-Base?

Afraid not. There are a number of conditions to be met before a device can be sold on Mobile-Base, and you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you acquaint yourself with them before attempting to list your wares.

Must have:

  • The device must function fully, this includes all buttons, ports and the screen
  • The device’s IMEI/MEID must be clean, non-blacklisted and activation ready for a new Buyer. (See ‘Must be Activation Ready’ section below)
  • The device must be original and fully functional, a genuine and wholly saleable product
  • The correct fully functional battery must be included in the sale of the device
  • You must be the legal owner and seller of the device with absolutely no outstanding financial obligation or lien attached.
  • Both the device and the Seller must be eligible to sell in accordance with our Terms of Use

Must nots

  • No devices with cracks on the screen or glass
  • No water damage or phones without moisture indicator stickers
  • No blacklisted or blocked ESN devices, or not possible for activation
  • No devices that have been ESN altered or "repaired"
  • No ESN sticker behind the battery removed (if applicable)
  • No money can be owing on any payment plan
  • No OS locked (e.g. iCloud lock) devices cannot be listed. (No device returned to seller and repaired more than once due to operating problems)
  • No pre-production, prototype unit, or factory recalled devices
  • No fake or copy devices such as Chinese iPhone or Samsung clones

However, devices not permitted for sale in the primary market may be eligible to be listed in Re-Boot Hill

Must be ‘Activation Ready’

All devices listed for sale must be ‘Activation Ready’ on the exact same service provider mentioned by the Buyer. No blacklisted devices may be listed, and of course, no lost or stolen devices may be listed or sold. Stolen devices will be reported to the authorities. Devices cannot be activated on another account at the time of listing.

Absolutely no financial ties for any device

We do not allow listing of any devices still under Equipment Installment Plans (EIP). These remain the property of the carrier and can easily become blacklisted or blocked if the balance is not fully paid. All items advertised on Mobile-Base.com must be fully paid up. Examples include: T-Mobile's Jump, AT&T's Next, Verizon's Edge, and Rent-A-Center financing. This ruling also applies to Apple's recent device financing. Payment plans however can be a different scenario. For example, if you are tied to a 2-year Verizon contract, you can usually sell your device, however you MUST ensure the device is not leased via a payment plan.

ESN/IMEI integrity

All devices listed must be in possession of their original, genuine and non-altered ESN. The hardware and software ESN must be a 100% match. A device with an ESN sticker behind the battery removed is not eligible for listing. Also, a device on which the ESN has been altered or "repaired" is not eligible to be listed.

OS/iCloud locked

We do not permit listing of any iCloud locked or locked device with a Google account via Android Device Protection after a factory reset. This does not apply to carrier locked devices; e.g. a device that is tied to the Verizon network. Carrier locked devices can be sold provided they meet all other stipulations.

Ready for sale

No pre-production or prototype units can be listed for sale. This also applies to any device that has been factory recalled for defects.

Waterproof devices

If you advertise a device as being waterproof, waterproofing must include all port covers and other functionality that render the device waterproof.

Can I use Mobile-Base to order a device if my country is not listed?

Mobile-Base aims to offer a truly global service wherever possible. While it’s true the bulk of our Sellers are based in the US or UK and require a PayPal confirmed shipping address, we have explored options to make shipping possible for Buyers and Sellers around the world. For example, Sellers from the USA wishing to sell globally can use the services of MyUS.com. It’s the #1 shipper in the industry, with over 11 million packages shipped since 1997.

Sellers from France can use Colibox or Easy Delivery.com, and we will be constantly adding to our list of options as we find them.

In the meantime, if you are using PayPal to accept payments, acquaint yourself with the PayPal policy limitations before you make a sale.

What do I do if the item I bought is not as advertised?

As it’s impossible to monitor every single sale, it is always a case of ‘Buyer Beware’. We urge Buyers to be as sure as possible of what they are getting before they click Buy. Ask questions, request photographs. Study our article, which covers most of the problems to look out for. In the event you are not satisfied we have procedures in place to protect you and to ensure you at least get your money back.

  • In the first instance you should immediately contact the Seller by leaving a comment on the Sellers listing's sale page.
  • Let Mobile-Base know by leaving your comment on the sale page and clicking the "Notify Mobile-Base Staff" box
  • To start the refund process visit PayPal you are most likely covered by PayPal's buyer protection policies.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response from your Seller you can resort to a PayPal Dispute Resolution. This normally gets a Sellers’ attention quickly.
What happens if I purchase a phone that is blacklisted a month or two later?

Mobile-Base uses PayPal for payments, which, along with your credit card company, have policies that protect you for up to 180 days if you are sold a blacklisted device.

We put everything in place to ensure that all devices listed on the site are ready for activation when sold – up to and beyond 180 days. Because PayPal and your credit card company have policies for protecting your money, you can rest easy in the unfortunate event of being sold a blacklisted device or if it becomes blacklisted within their protection window.

After the protection window, i.e. a few months after purchase, we are unable to prevent you from being defrauded as a Buyer of a blacklisted device. And we should mention that no other site or service, such as eBay or Craigslist, can prevent this from happening.

If a device is blacklisted a few months after the transaction, it is therefore safe to say that there must be a flaw in the carrier policies.

Mobile-Base, PayPal and your credit card company do everything possible to help protect you from fraud, but you should be aware that this does not necessarily prevent all future fraud scenarios.

What is the purpose of a PayPal confirmed address?

PayPal offers confirmed addresses as an additional form of protection against fraud. Confirmed addresses are those that are attached to a verified account to help guard against the use of stolen credit cards, identity theft and chargebacks. (Important to note, you can, however, still receive chargebacks for reasons unrelated to fraud.)

Simply put, a PayPal confirmed address is an address attached to a verified account. PayPal gives this a special "confirmed" status. If a buyer has a confirmed address, PayPal extends more seller protections. Generally speaking, PayPal does not "confirm" addresses outside the USA, Canada and UK.

Please note that a "verified account" is not the same as a "confirmed address" on PayPal.

I’d like to get the PayPal Verified icon on my listing preview – how do I do this?

The PayPal Verified icon should show up automatically, depending on the results of an automated API/service call Mobile-Base makes to PayPal.

It is possible to test the verification status of your PayPal information here. (URL LINK)

The call we make to PayPal uses your PayPal email address and the first and last names of your Mobile-Base account. This determines the status of your PayPal account.

Please note: the call to check will fail if the name sent by us does not match the name on the PayPal account exactly.

If the name on your PayPal account and the name on your Mobile-Base account do not match exactly, then your PayPal account may not be verified. Therefore, the PayPal verified icon would not appear on your listing preview.

Mobile-Base has "reviewed and approved" my listing. But what does that mean?

It is our aim to review and approve every listing posted on Mobile-Base which ensures that it is a legitimate listing and meets all criteria. It signifies no ‘junk devices’ permitted here! This security feature protects buyers and makes Mobile-Base a safer marketplace for all our customers. Our Reviewed and Approved status means you can confidently buy and sell used mobile devices online with Mobile-Base.

From our experience, we urge buyers to carefully review any listing you are considering purchasing. Ask lots of questions! Even after reviews, a seller can still edit the listing; so always question those listings that seem to be ‘too good to be true.’

Mobile-Base advises you to be always alert and vigilant. If a listing that has been reviewed and approved still seems suspicious or questionable, ask us to review it again! We’ll be happy to do so. All you have to do is leave a comment on the listing asking for a review and then check the ‘Notify Mobile-Base’ box.

Despite all these checks in place, Mobile-Base is not able to guarantee the intentions or actions of a Seller, but we do everything we can to prevent ‘bad’ listings and sales and ensure that a listing that is reviewed and approved is ‘legit’.

What does it mean if a listing is “pending staff review”?

You may notice that many Mobile-Base listings require one of our staff members to review and approve it before a purchase can be made. This is to enhance our security offering and at the same time to help protect Buyers. It’s what makes Mobile-Base one of the safest places to shop for devices online.

What do we look for in a review?

  • Compliance with Mobile-Base listing guidelines
  • Verification photographs
  • Seller history
  • ESN check

Please note that the review only takes a few minutes and should be completed within an hour after your listing is completed, including picture uploads.

Why is it important to include a verification photo?

As an anti-fraud measure, a "verification photo" is an effective addition to your listing. It also proves you actually have the device you are selling. And if there are any scammers out there, it prevents them from creating listings for expensive devices they do not actually possess. A good verification photo helps prospective Buyers see what the device looks like. Secondly, it helps us verify the quality of the device and also the credibility of you, the Seller. Read our in-depth blog post – ‘How to take great verification photos’ here. (article to come)

Some Verification Photo Examples:

  • Show the device in full. If there is a case, take it off.
  • The screen should be on.
  • Photograph the device at an angle to show the screen condition
  • Put the listing code next to the device on a piece of paper – either hand-written or printed (not digitally added).
  • The listing code should not obstruct a clear view of the device.
  • Upload more than one photo to satisfy all of the above criteria.